Create your PBN and generate backlinks!

The creation of a network of sites with old domain names (or PBN, for private blog network) can be an effective solution to obtain free backlinks and improve its sEO. If done well, this strategy can indeed help you get better positions on search engines. It can also be risky if you don’t follow some good practices: zoom in on the functioning, advantages and risks of site networks.

SEO: what is a private blog network of websites?

A network of sites, or private blog network (PBN), is one of the most effective SEO techniques. This strategy consists of creating several thematic blogs around a main site, with which they have a direct or indirect link. These blogs, or secondary sites, can then host optimized content, which in turn will include backlinks to the main site. The objective is simple: to multiply the number of incoming links to the main site to improve its SEO. But what are the advantages of this solution, and how to implement it properly?

PBNs: what are the advantages?

The advantages of site networks are numerous if you want to improve the visibility of your main site. Indeed, this system allows you to create an unlimited number of free backlinks to your online store or your showcase site, while controlling the frequency of their publication and the quality of their semantic optimization. You choose yourself the anchors of your incoming links, and you also select their destination pages. In short, the creation of a PBN offers you total control of your ecosystem of free backlinks. You thus have control over your SEO, without depending on a netlinking partner or a link exchange platform. However, the implementation of such a solution can become risky if you do not take some precautions.

Private blog network : precautions to take

The creation of a PBN can be considered as a black hat SEO technique, severely punished by Google. Many webmasters have indeed launched into the creation of networks of low quality, over-optimized sites to promote a main site. If this seo technique was able to bear fruit several years ago, search engines have since adapted by providing sanctions for the most coarse PBNs. When you build your own networks of sites, you will have to make sure to respect Google’s guidelines for each of your blogs. Your secondary sites should meet the same quality and relevance requirements as your main site. They should therefore host high value-added content in order to bear fruit: make sure you have the time and resources to design such a strategy before you start!