This is my personal guide to setup PBN websites safety ?

A few PBN webmasters have this mindset that the fear of Google is the beginning of web wisdom. Like seriously, Google recently started taking drastic actions against private blog networks (PBN) and this is now having a sudden effect on the way people approach PBN sites.

If you’re certainly reading this post and have doubts about setting up a PBN site, what step to follow and which not, web hosting services/practices to embrace and those to avoid etc. Then you certainly should get a handful of informative professional and experienced recommendations from here before you’re done reading.

In today’s column, I’ll be doing you a favor, and that is to share my experience of over seven (7) active years as a PBN blogger with you. Walking you down the entire circle and uncovering all loopholes and whether or not you need to fear about being hit by penalties etc.

What Are PBN Websites?

image124Here is where I will discuss a bit about the meaning of PBN sites to help enlighten you; there is a reason for this. Just as the name implies, private blog network is a network of authoritative sites used to build links to your money website(s) with the aim to rank higher on Google search engine. A money website is your trusted site, call it that site that actually makes money. This also means a clients website. Note that the destinations in the PBN don’t generally have any worth unless they themselves have obvious links from different sources.

Normally, gray hat/black hat SEOs that makes use of PBNs pass through a procedure of buying recently expired domains, some of which already have third party external links, and then optimizing them with fresh, relevant and engaging contents. With hopes that this will give the links out from the site value.

Registering your PBN Domain nameq (best practices)

image125Some old practices are no longer effective as usual and hence the very need to embrace verifiable and effective modern practices in order to achieve greater results. Search engine approach to PBN sites have changed over the years and as matter of fact, Google currently run its penguin update every 3 to 5 months interval.

You certainly does not need as much domain registrars as the number of domain names you have. All in the name of dodging any form of footprint that might arise thereafter; if you must have 200 domains in your network, 7 – 10 registrars should be cute enough.

Registration of PBN domains is where the rubber meets the road for some people, some people may get confused severally on which source or strategy to follow.

To help get kick off the launch pad, avoid purchasing new domains when planning your PBN site. Rather, go for expired or expiring domains. Now you may ask; what is the difference between an expired domain and expiring domain.

Expired domains : A domain that completely expired and was still present to register from any domain registrar center at standard domain registration costs.

Expiring domains : An expiring domain has reached its expiration date but is currently being held unto by the registrar for auctioning/selling. Some expiring domains are older than you can imagine, a good number of them can be 5 years of age or more – depending on when the previous owner registered it.

Hosting PBN Websites – Finding the Right Hosting Plan


By now you should have all the necessary domain(s) you need and thinking about the next step ahead. Undoubtedly, researching for the best hosting plan for your domains should be the next-in-line action after which they’d would live for and ready to feature publications. To keep away major search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex (or any other person) knowing you possess all of the sites you intend to host; you’d be required to host them on a totally different accounts. But if they’re all hosted right on the same server, onlookers may not need a witness to tell them that they’re all associated with each other.

With this being the major need of PBN site owners, the sprout of several SEO hosting services have since remained in vogue.

Why expired domain names, where authority made a big difference ?


A lot of professional PBN SEO builder know this better than you do, some keep it unrevealed and highly confidential. Research shows that expired domains are more resourceful and 40 times high-yielding than a new domain with 6 months persistent promotion.

There are two principal reasons why expired domains seems the best match for the job. The foremost and less expected reason is that Google places some worth on the age of domains in entirety.

In the event that you can figure out several expired domains that has been around since 2002, that domain is unambiguously more authoritative and passes more link juice than a domain registered in 2016. The second and more far more important reason is that an expired domain has more link juice plus also a long acquired backlink profile. The backlink profile is the overall number of backlinks to a domain.

What makes up a complete backlink profile ?

It is important to know that a complete backlink profile does not only incorporate backlinks to the domain purchased, but also takes things into account like:

  • image128The aggregate number of backlinks.
  • The aggregate number of linking spaces.
  • The aggregate number of linking IP addresses.
  • The link location on a particular post or page
  • The grapple content of the link.
  • The title tag of the link.

In a normal circumstance, chances are that you’d like to view through a number of natural links from related sites. Let’s assume the domain was about mobile technology and gadgets, we would like to see numerous links from several mobile tech websites and blogs with diverse anchor text. As a matter of fact, it gives joy to find a lot of authority and aged websites linking back to an expired domain.

What is the best way to find expired domain names ?

image129A lot of people see this area to be as difficult as nailing jelly to a tree – due to the complicatedness involved in the process. Actually there are several tons of ways to do this, however, we shall directly look at the most lucrative and effective ways to outsource real time quality expired domains in whatever niche we want. And also – avoiding waste of much time on irrelevant domains and those of less importance. I have personally done half of the grunt job for you; Here are five tested and trusted websites I have used in the past and recently, I hope you find them useful.