SEO & PBN websites case study on competitive keywords !

If you own a private blog network; then reading down through these lines will likely be of a greater help to you in such a way. Iโ€™m drawing this case study as occurred in the case of a close friend who happens to be a prolific blogger. He started few month ago, in May-June 2016, after which he did PBN full-time. Michael M., had came to me, he had just a few money sites that were terribly built and it was obvious to me that the sites were not all that great; as far as metrics is involved. Not long after that they were all punished and deindexed by Google search console alone. We checked and certainly; Bing still accepted it as well as other traditional search engines.

In any case, he was resolved to succeed and needed to begin again with some fresh blogs and networks of other sites that looked more like a private blog network. Socials profiles were all set in, logo’s and numerous other necessities came into place more like a seriously branded network sites.

On a more serious note, what i needed to see is the impact of PBN’s in high competitive niches and real time keywords. In order to ensure In had done a professional test since the said PBN was still new at this time. On Michael idea, I won’t uncover the sites or any niche either, however one will see the search engine search volume.

Note : The keyword will not be publish (competitive niche => Vol. 22 000 / month)

Money $ite Making…

  • 5 Silo Pages and Supporting articles on every one
  • New/each Website was designed and hosted
  • On-page SEO completely finished with best Seo Onsite practices we know so far
  • Halfway Keyword in Title. Yea he utilized a fractional not correct match .
  • For instance principle KW “Gรฉnรฉric” , he sure implemented also “spรฉcific” long tail KW
  • Sitting tight and waiting for site to get indexed
  • Sent some social Bookmarks and website remarks
  • The plan is to hold up a month or two before sending PBN links, while keeping the social traffic booming.

Expired domain names & PBNs Deploiment…

  • Discovered 30 + domains (Trust Flow 15-25, Referring areas 10-30, DA 10+)
  • Did the hosting of all the domains on isolated IP’s in a few servers.
  • Constructed each of them 30 generally as portrayed in on PBN setup services.
  • Sitting back for the “marination” period to pass

Trust and tiered netlinking…

  • No too much result is seen, sitting tight and expecting it in top 100 preceding beginning with PBN’s
  • Incorporating wikipedia and other genuine links, a few forum articles that were related on the niche and also social campaigns. A considerable measure of blog comments, 20-30 web 2.0 and so on.

Let’s begin ranked…

  • The Site hopped to page 3-4 and at this point we felt the need for PBN backlinks were essential.
  • Sent every one of the PBN links to the 5 silo pages and landing page just in as short as 7 days.
  • Blended it with other authority links and not just โ€œWikipediaโ€and other tursted websites. To get the deal – find and use links from smaller niche sites/blogs that are not directly connected to yours. This is the where the rubber meets the road for some PBN bloggers. I can notice a PBN a mile away when i see wikipedia links combined with 1 money site link.
  • Weโ€™d to look for more FB advert campaigns to bag more shares and likes.

Finally, Dominate your SERP niche in only 3 months !

  • Strong PBN built as a result of the persistent effort in search engine optimization and majorly backlink integration to more than 70% of the network site.
  • Efforts paid off as chances of footprints were in no time visible all through the period of optimization and buildup of the siteโ€™s Serp ranking.

image823 month to build a strong, effective and tactical PBN strategies impacted a lot as the results were undoubtedly clear. Niched PBN backlinks were noticeable, diversification on major topics and niches in networking paid off, quality links were built as a result of this. SERP domination was also obvious and verifiable. Strong PBN strategies compiled and well implemented is the principal reason for dominating search engine results page (SERP), quality un-copied SEO network content boosted search results in multiple folds.