Are you SEO expert or digital marketing expert ?

image116If you’re successful seo expert or digital marketing expert with ideas on Personal Blog Network PBN. I believe by now you should have answered a thousand questions on effective tactical measures to avoid being trapped with PBN. I seriously must confess; the same has happened in my case; I kept seeing people perplexed and afraid to lose all to footprints. It is true that you can be traced down the “red-line”, but that’s if you don’t have the idea of skill to maneuver your network. In fact to a good number of bloggers out there; the issue of footprint and trace is where “the rubber meets the road”. I don’t know about you!

If you’re also curious or felt like increasing your alertness and ideas on PBN footprint myths, then today’s column is dedicated to you. for most of the part, here are few checklist to monitor closely, they are sources where blueprints might creep in…

Old and aged domain names and PBN footprint !

image107The foremost and main footprint to be concealed is your domain, the domain you purchase is what forms the establishment of your blog network. In the event that you’ve purchased and built upon junk, it’s certain your network won’t be worth a ball of an apple.

Getting it right from the very first start is the most important thing you shouldn’t miss out on. I have effectively treated the topic on how to purchase domains in the previous paragraphs, and here, I will quickly demonstrate to you what you have to do to forever stay free from footprints that domain acquisition often come with.

Here are few things to ponder on TLD aged domain names…

Mix up the TLD’s :

image104In all cases, I especially use .com, .net, .org, .ca and .uk. You can throw in some .info, .us and .eu if you find a good one in the same category. This is a practical approach and I can assure you, noticing a trace would never ever be possible using the TLD reshuffling method.

Does the site cover a range of topics?

image105Again, – I ensure that any domain I purchase for a PBN can cover an extensive variety of topics. This works wonders because sends a very strong message to search engines and humans. For example, no one would easily believe one or two people can own and control a chain of network websites so easily and yet gain domain control. Not to mention, earn a single traffic from SEO or Social media.

The idea is that people manage blogs based on their hobbies, area of interest etc. Some of the main categories I classify my topics into are, Food and health, Fitness and Wellness, Tech & Engineering, Entertainment and Art, Home & Garden, Hospitality & Parenting, Business & Finance .

Domain Registrar — As a Footprint factor

image108Now here we go ! The second factor you’d certainly have to consider is the domain registrars you’d be using to host your network of websites. On the off chance that you’re confused if it’s really a loophole that can lead to a total flop. Get the gist! When it comes to the choice of domain registration company, i’ll sincerely advice you to purchase :

To put it plainly, blend it up

image103Don’t use GoDaddy for the majority of your domain, beyond any doubt it’s less demanding and less expensive when utilizing Godaddy coupon codes, in any case it’s a big time impression and a dangerous one you want to avoid by all means.

Use WhoIs privacy protection


I am not suggesting this to you, I am telling what’s best to do in this case. Not on the majority of your domains but rather a few. NameCheap offer free whois security for every new domain bought, so you may as well consider them when purchasing your domain names

Use Phony data


For domain names without whois protection, the strategy I often adopt is the fake information strategy. I use this tool to create a complete fake client profile that I keep predictable over all parts of the domain – for instance, the registrar website for purchased domains , hosting platform, email address and so forth.

Create and Use many email addresses


Gmail and Yahoo offers you abundant opportunity to create as many email account as desired. Where the rubber hits the road is verification of some of the email addresses. You’d be requiring at least 10 to 15 mobile numbers in other to do that without trace — that’s let’s assume the number of domains you posses is 200 – 250.

Check out the Fiverr gigs and get 80 telephone confirmed Gmail email account and purchase for just $5 – that’s another quick and sensible option. Get a couple of these for hotmail, yahoo and so forth and you’re good to go.

Register on various days


If you try registering all the domain names in a single day, then it’s certain you’re creating a loophole for footprint. Best option; register on different days and intervals. Building a heavy PBN site is not often as easy as pie – no hassles if you want to play smarter.

Hosting for a PBN — As a Footprint factor


The issue on hosting has long been discussed before now; however I just had to recalled it for emphasis purpose. Without leaving any stone unturned, it is very important to consider your domain hosting as a very viable source of leakage. When purchasing your hosting it is advisable to disguise your network, and the best way to do that is by mounting your domains on different web servers rather than jam packing them in one place. Bots and robots will easily trace and them and soon you’d be caught. On the off chance that you have 200 domains to host, ensure to host at least 5 or 10 each on one hosting server while spread out the rest.

Conclusively on this, Website creation can pose itself a footprint if you also don’t take professionalism into consideration when developing and designing it. Factors like content plan (avoid duplicate), logo, theme, and plugins too should be well considered.