The non-renewal of a service can have serious consequences on the site and in particular if you do not renew your PRO domain name option. Indeed, by voluntarily letting your domain name expire, you must be aware that this can cause many inconveniences in terms of referencing for your site, for the management of messaging related to your domain or for the operation of your site in general. As a result, it will have an impact on your professional activity.

In principle, when a domain name expires, your site will initially resume its original address with the sub-domain “”. (address chosen at the time of your registration).

From a referencing point of view:

your site will continue to be present in the search engines with its personalized address for a few days. However, your site will not be accessible if a user clicks on the indexed link: it will be automatically redirected to a 404 page, thus indicating that your site is no longer accessible at this address. Without renewal of your domain as soon as possible, the address of your site will no longer be visible in the search engines once the robots of the search engines pass by your site: your referencing will then be lost and it will be necessary to wait for several weeks before your site is again indexed in the search engines with its original address.

From the point of view of messaging linked to your domain:

you will no longer be able to use it to receive or send emails. For example, if you have entered an e-mail address linked to your domain as the address for receiving messages sent from a contact form or if you have used it for your store settings, etc., this will then cause malfunctions on your site.

From a site point of view:

the URL of the images inserted in your manager are linked to the domain: consequently, your images will no longer be visible on your site since their address is wrong. In this case, you will have to change the address of each image inserted on your site, in HTML or reload all the images in your manager. The best solution is to renew