How to avoid footprints when building a PBN ?

Don’t get pissed off or scrambled out by the thousand-flow of negative thoughts (as a result of fear of losing) and reviews you get. The truth is; if you’re truly ready and determined to own a Private Blog Network (PBN), you can! I can, anyone else can. It’s just all about you, your aim and determination plus persistency.

A successful PBN site project is that which involves much efforts to achieve. However; if you have the zeal — that much complication can be compressed into little efforts.Now let’s delve in!

image122We’ve pretty much discussed all that matters most and the core principles that guides every smart PBN blogger. Now we’re here on the PBN Footprint checklist where we would be summarizing most of all that has been discusses and not discussed earlier. This checklist is actually helpful because it passes down a direct message. More so, It covers all that any rookie blogger may want to know about starting a PBN – Checklist of top elements that you’ll need to consider seriously before even mentioning “Jack Robinson”.

image123Beginning a PBN site is divided into five bullet point…

  • Brainstorming your domains for a powerfull Private Blog Network
  • Registering domains with differents Registrars in order to avoid Footprint
  • Taking them up to a Hosting Server(s) to avoid Footprint
  • Optimize your Website Creation & SEO Optimization
  • Make secure and frequently your Link Building

Simplifying PBN Checklist For easy Comprehension…


Having shortlisted the principal points that’ll lead to a profitable PBN site creation, I’ll be adding a more-detailed information to help you pick from here! From the beginning of the entire process i.e, domain selection down to linking building and targeting.

Separate domain name registrars

Try and purchase old expired domains through various web registry websites and platforms. Having a WhoIs protection on all the domains is by far – a healthy practice. I don’t propose having fake data in the WhoIs records area. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you should, ensure that you do the same for the domains too – especially those domains that have not readily cost you so much money in acquisition.

Lastly, make sure to use the DNS of an individual registrar.

Separate domain name hosting

Each site ought to be on a totally different Subnet IP address. In the event that an IP location is represented as GGG.000.FFF.BBB, then the GGG and FFF should be distinctive for each of the sites in the network. A good number of web hosting companies just get a little range of IP addresses that they can give to a client.

While the IP addresses may be a bit different for the sites, it is ideal that you have the same “GGG.FFF.BBB” — for this situation, just hose maybe a couple domains with this web-host.

Publishing strong seo and optimized content

You should ensure your contents are unique and informative enough to propel your network towards accomplishment of the principal goal. Have a profitable content on each of the sites. Using spunned content at all on the site may harm the idea.

Treat the domains in your PBN with the same regard you have for your money website.

PBN website linked to your money site

Every domain is expected to link out to any money site once only; and not repeatedly as seen in most wrongly developed PBNs that later end up becoming a flop. Regardless of how tempting and sweet it is to link out to all your money sites through a single domain, it does but only widens the future danger of it.

Outgoing Link Structuring

Every page has of 2-5 active outgoing links at max. To help the going get better; optimize it in such a way that some pages will not have any backlink at all in it. This is done to keep the link profile natural and more so, disguise bots and robots. Every outbound link from each page should go to authority sites that are relevant to your niche.

Linking out to other helpful sites and blogs in your niche is also ideal.

Remember Authority Sites more often

Every domain ought to begin its linking to no other website/blog but your money site just after it has a couple pages fully developed and optimized with readable articles. The underlying links should be scattered around several authority websites in your niche.

Don’t limit it to just WIKIPEDIA; as most PBN bloggers do and end up getting shaky results. While some may have to come back to it for correction.

Think MORE of Anchor Links

Ensure the use of special anchor texts when connecting to your money site. This will rely on upon your present link profile. In the event that you have a various link profile, then it’s fine to optimize particular anchor text to rank. Nonetheless if your site is fresh out of the plastic new, use a couple of Naked URL texts also.

Every site needs certain pages to pass manual audit – about/contact/Privacy policy and all, I think it is recommended to ensure your sites has all these incorporated fully into it. It pays to do the job excellently to avoid traces and ensure all loopholes and adequately sealed with mud.

Definitely NO selling PBN links; and no sharing data with anybody about the domains you own and manage; we’ve discussed a bit on this topic in the earlier paragraphs. Take it into note, not even your mother should know about your PBN sites – just be professional.