Buying an expired domain name is a real fashion among SEOs. But why is there so much craze for this type of NDD?

Why buying expired domain names for seo ?

First of all, it is important to note that an old domain name generally benefits from a better SEO than a recent domain name. In other words, by reserving an expired domain names for SEO, you increase the chances of positioning your website on the first page of the SERPs (results pages).

Generally speaking, the algorithms used by search engines favor websites that have been on the web for many years, rather than newcomers. In the case of Google, Trust Rank defines the ranking of a platform according to its reliability (considered as a confidence index, this algorithm defines if a platform is reliable thanks to a score). Sites with a Trust Rank value close to 0 are generally positioned on the last pages of the results, while those with a score close to 10 benefit from excellent visibility.

What is the benefits from old domain names ?

If an old domain name is reliable, it also benefits from excellent popularity, another element taken into account by search engines in their ranking. To evaluate the notoriety of a site, Google uses an algorithm called Page Rank. It analyzes the platform and its NDD and gives it a score from 0 to 10, like Trust Rank. A domain name with a Page Rank score around 10 can significantly improve the visibility of your site on Google’s results pages, as well as on those of Bing or Yahoo Search.

In addition to seniority, authority and notoriety, an expired domain name often gives you quick access to backlinks. These are links placed on different platforms such as blogs or social networks, pointing to pages on your website. They can greatly contribute to the improvement of the SEO of your e-boutique or your showcase site, provided they are of good quality.

Old domains for seo strategy !

For your information, a study conducted by Ahrefs, a company specializing in the creation of tools dedicated to SEO, shows that it takes an average of two years for a website to reach the top 10 search engine results with a new SEO. Indeed, when reserving a domain name that has never been used, you will have to be patient and put in place an adapted strategy so that it gradually gains in authority and popularity.