Let me explain the pros of using a (PBN) private blog network !

image109There has been a lot of controversy on the issue of which is better between running a Private blog network running a sole website for commercial and complementary purposes. I may never say much about personal blogs here; however, I’ll help enlighten you a bit on Private blog networks, its advantages and why it’s recommended to optin for it than a sole blog. But before that — you must be prepared within you to do that before proceeding. A lot of people get it wrong when PBNs are mentioned to their hearing; more emphatically – PBN bloggers are not a “gentleman on the highway”.

They’re just normal bloggers or web surfers like trying to make a living blogging. The slight difference is that they’re very much interested in making it bigger over the internet than the ambition in you.

Now why PBNs?

image115Don’t you ever harbor the impression that PBN websites are cheat or fraud websites, Never at all. The only thing that makes you think so is because of the lots backdoor practices that is involve. Nonetheless, it’s never a bad web practice. For example, running a single blog or website may just require a single domain name and web hosting plan and that’s all. But in the case of PBN sites, more than one domains are however required in other to build a fortress around a principal website you value the most.

Logically or in the real world experience; it’s more like assigning a high ranking officer in the army – 5 military men for security protection while the average civilian has not even a chauffeur.

Top 3 Reasons to become a PBN owner !

Before going into PBN palaver, ask yourself – am I ready for the project ahead of me? Can I really succeed in it — of course yes, Search engine report proves that out of every 100 PBN blogger. 80 percent of them recorded unmatched success within 12 – 18 months of serious dedication to their network.

image111It only takes you nothing but commitment, and foremost – mastering tactics and strategies as required in the game. You perhaps might want to know more about the relative importance of PBN domains ; why a lot of people go into it. Even your closest friend! I guarantee he won’t reveal this to you.

It is cost effective ?

image112Don’t you think it is? OK, consider how much it costs to set up and manage a standard website or personal blog quarterly. It’s obvious you’d come to find out that it pays. More so, it profits more to set up at least a 70 page domain PBN if you know the best practices.

One of the greatest pros is the expense of creating and keeping up the system. In case you’re using auction, it will cost you anyplace between $40-$400 for a decent hosting.

In the same vein – if you are also using domain vendors, the expense will be comparable. Good and fine! Consider how much you stand to gain within just 10 to 15 months or less of setting up the network and managing it. For a standard private blog and business website to run simultaneously and progressively; it obvious you’d be ready to spend somewhere around 3000 to 5000USD. Especially for a serious business website – not to mention; an ecommerce portal. However, PBNs can help you save more, yet profit you more cash in a matter of months if handled by a professional.

Control and Instant Authority

image113Private blog network are powerful because it gives you master control over everything, you can control the SEO, the site traffic, Ranking, Backlinks and several other features you can’t get managing a single domain website or blog. Remember; with control over things like search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO) you’re leveraging the authority of an aged, trusted website. And as you have probably experienced, it’s challenging to get these types of links through outreach or naturally.

Let’s assume bad time hits, you DO get a manual punishment or suffer ban. Since you have control, you can just evacuate the links and before you’d say “Jack Robinson”, The penalty will be revoked.

Getting an immediate manual action corrected is almost impossible on the off chance that you build a GSA links or purchased your backlinks on platforms you’re not connected to.

No Outreach Needed/Relationship Building

image114On the off chance that you depend fully and dedicated to your private blog network, you won’t need to invest any energy or time building connections or reaching out. While this isn’t something worth being thankful for, it can save you loads of time. I’ll quote a friend of mine who’s a successful PBN blogger by his testimonial words…

“Awesome!!! PBN’s are continually intriguing. I have been stung a few times by Google for not putting enough exertion into my PBN sites especially with adding quality contents to them. Presently, I comprehend it is critical that my PBN blogs ARE NOT THIN. I use separate registrars, hosting accounts, and super spun content. More so, the continually varying anchor text leading to the exact money websites. I cherish PBN’s and absolutely don’t think there dead as long as you’re dedicated to it. A decent expired domain can take you for years.