I give you my 15 Pbn’s hot Skill’s for a Solid SERP Domination !

Now you’re thinking of profitable ways to reach the peak without being getting your hands soiled up in bad practices! Hell yea, This the first step every smart PBN (private site networks) blogger takes – ensuring that he gathers all the required ideas, tips and information needed beforehand. See! Creating a PBN site is more like using a 2 litre bowl to fill-up a 10’000 liter empty tank of water. The hassles involved can be so so mind boggling and tedious, hence; losing out just before the profit starts rolling in would be a slap on the face. They made a great deal of tumult in the SEO business and many individuals think PBN domain names & networks are the solution for their ranking problems. Simply sack a couple of blog networks at your site and you will be #1 on Google in a couple days, isn’t that so? I guess wrong!

I have been seemingly vocal about PBN links and hence keeping in mind some dislike what I am about to say (because they deal on “private” links marketing) I believe it’s a subject-matter that bloggers need to know more about.

Any “PBN” link you are purchasing are not private. Your links are perched on the same sites as several thousands of different sites. Now the sad story; if any of them get pinched and Google bots follows to the source, it likely all sites connected to it will have a query to answer. I’m not totally pooping on those public blog network links, since a few people use them and never get punished. Yet, there is an unthinkable danger in the event that you utilize them.

Here are practical hot tips to shield you !

image88Think before you begin

Preparation is the key to anything worth achieving either on the internet or in real time world. Planning your PBN sites before kickstarting the project helps you to set out proper strategie, diversify efforts and come up with something rather profitable.

image89Set plans and write down strategies

Those who fail to plan their PBN sites definitely plan to fail. Take up your mantle and carry it so seriously. If you forget easily; then you’d need to write down each stage of your development ideas.

image90Conduct Extensive research from various platforms

It profits greater when you invest time on research and findings, PBN can be a bit bothersome and regrettable when you start out with proper update and ample info on the modus operandi.

image91You need some money

Behind every successful and profitable PBN site project map lies a tangible capital! Purchasing more than 100 to 200 domains for medium or top level PBN site is not as easy as pie. You’ll need to calculate beforehand and trim your project to fit-in with the set-aside budget.

image92Spread your hosting over multiple providers

There are a great number of hosting companies out there. What most does is to send SEO hosting packages with multiple IPs. It’s recommended to avoid this. It sounds great and it’s simple and requires minimal measure of work however; there is no guarantee on your security

image93Do NOT use private registration for all of your domain name

Falling in-line with the idea of registering your PBN sites with private registration is wrong. Prefer not to use genuine data since it will identify with other sites you plan including into the PBN link.

image94Use different domain registrars (transfer some if you need to)

I would simply say that more than 80% of the time when you purchase an expired domain, it will require you pass it into a GoDaddy account to get it. The vast majority of the ones I purchase start in my personal GoDaddy account, yet then I move them over to different registrars.

Simply locate a few trustworthy options and set up accounts at them all.

image95Manage your content Strategy… money site making $20,000/month

Keep in mind, the purpose of making a PBN is to make it resemble a ton of high authority sites. Making it look like it has valuable contents and profitable so they’re linking to you. Many people think they can cook-up low quality articles that they purchase on Fiverr and expect it to perform at peak.

Using low quality contents means you’re stylishly inviting a “Red Card”.

image96Make a different PBN for every site and never link out to more than one site

This is most likely the greatest flop I see individuals make on regular timing. They develop wonderful PBN sites but end up spoiling the whole thing by linking them up to most of their sites. Endeavor to separate each of your website from the money site you anticipate ranking.

image97Don’t use sidebar links or footer links

You won’t overlook so effectively the best practices when acquiring a footer and sidebar links on high PR websites? It’s very interesting when you recollect those awesome moments. Even so, catching bloggers who try to tweak their personal websites PR in the same manner.

image98Ensure your other authority websites content links and yours align with each other

There are several reasons for this, you’d be trusted to be doing SEO the right way and not trying to maneuver Serp results etc.

image99Nurture your PBN sites and make multiple links before revealing your site

Alright, buy now you’ve found a good niche related domains, also; build real and engaging websites correctly. Guess you should have made your first post with links to your site. Wrong move!

You have to develop the content and link out to a few different sites before you much think about dropping even a link to your money site.

image100Forget the use of same exact match anchor text repeatedly

Regardless of whether you’ve applied all of the outline strategies shortlisted above, the use of repeated anchor text each time you link to your website will eventually poison your whole efforts.

image101Shut your mouth – never tell anyone about your PBN

You certainly do not want anyone to remind you on your need to be silent on the matter. Never ever tell your close friend even, or your partner. Business men in this field are more professional and mean in order to succeed.

image102Sit back and watch your “PROFIT GROW”

Now you’re done and your PBN is up and running, hurray.


This post is meant to be for the action orientated among you who want to build your own PBN ! I will provide you with everything you need to build a HIGHLY effective PBN for yourself as economically as possible!