When you are sure of your choice of domain name, you will now have to buy it from a registrar (OVH, GANDI,Godaddy etc…). How much will it cost me?

The price of a domain name

Depending on the registrar and the chosen extension of your domain name, the price of a NDD may vary. As a general rule, it varies between $6 and $15. Please note that in addition to the domain name, you will have to pay for additional hosting to make your domain name online and visible to Internet users. Once again, the cost of hosting can vary depending on the provider and the service you have chosen. For example at Godaddy or OVH, the minimum monthly cost per month is $1.99 with a usage capacity of 25 gigabytes and a maximum of $19 for a usage capacity of 500 GB.

Otherwise, to get back to the domain name, do not hesitate to buy several extensions of your domain name. For example, if you choose 4 extensions in .fr, .com, .eu, .biz of your domain name, you will have to pay 4 x 6 or $15, which can make a budget. Without forgetting to count the hosting, putting your website online can therefore cost you between $48 and $300 for a domain name with 4 extensions + hosting.

Why is the domain name reserved for me for only one year?

In fact, when we talk about buying an old domain name (click here), it’s not really that. We will rather rent a domain name to a registrar for one year. You are therefore the owner of a domain name for only one year. Once the year is over, you will have to renew your domain name with your registrar and pay for one more year to leave your website online on this page. So it is recommended that you pay close attention to the anniversary date of the renewal of your domainn name. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing it to others who will not hesitate to buy your domain name if it is available and you have not renewed it. Which would be a shame! Moreover, no recourse is possible in this situation. So be good managers in the renewal of all your domain names.