All SEO exppert or consultant know that using expired domains names for seo has many advantages.

Expired domains have paid directories !

Expired domains often have a rather varied number of links. Some of these old domains are listed in quality directories.

A listing in the DMOZ directory can be very difficult to get. You submit your site, and wait weeks to have someone review it to see if the site is of sufficient quality to be included in the index. But you can forget about this task if the expired domain name you purchased is already listed in the DMOZ directory.

Another interesting directory is the Yahoo directory, but you have to invest $299 to be listed. Why spend money when you can buy an expired domain name that is already in this directory for $12?

Expired domains have trusted and historical backlinks

The second advantage of buying expired domain names is that they already have some authority and backlinks. You know very well how long it takes to create high quality links.

Backlinks are a necessity for online success. With expired domain names, a third party has gone to great lengths to create backlinks. Once you get the domain, you can build new backlinks to rank on search engines much faster than if you had to buy a brand new domain (where you have to start from scratch).

Expired domains are age matters !

Domain names that have a bottle of wine have a little more advantages in SEO than new domains. There is more chance for a site registered in 2010 to be better positioned than a domain name from 2014.

Expired domains have historical google page rank !

Another huge advantage to buying expired domain names is that you can find domains that already have an interesting Page Rank. This is a huge advantage, because again, it takes time to get a decent Page Rank. When you buy an expired domain name, you can literally buy domains with an interesting Page Rank. This really simplifies the process, so you can build authority and traffic extremely faster!

As we have seen, buying an expired domain name has many advantages, but can also backfire on you. Here are the points that can work against you.