An expired domain is a URL that the owner has not been able to renew. There are many reasons for this: simple forgetfulness, domain name no longer needed, payment problem, change of activity…

When a domain reaches its expiration date and is not renewed within 30 days, it is auctioned for 7 days. The highest bidder will get the valuable URL.

What are the reasons why Internet users buy back an expired NDD? They depend on the purpose for which the domain name was used.

Create an authoritative website !

If you plan to create a new site or blog, buying an aged domain name rather than creating a new one is recommended. With a new domain, you will have to work harder to develop its authority. You will need to create new content and links, and it will take time for the enhanced authority of the domain to become visible. With an expired domain, you can take advantage of its existing SEO value to start positioning yourself more quickly on Google.

Benefit from quality backlinks !

On this new (but old) domain name, you can create a website whose only purpose will be to link to your main website (or blog). The goal is to transfer the authority of the previous domain to your main site through links. Of course, in order for the Google Penguin algorithm to avoid pinning your website for bad practice, it will have to contain quality content. Incoming links should always look as natural as possible.

Benefit from quality redirection from old trusted domain names !

If you wish to transfer the link from an expired domain you bought to your main site, without going through the process of creating a mini-site, you can redirect the old domain to your main site. All you need is a 301 redirection. Why perform this operation? If the expired domain has a high SEO value because of the links it has accumulated over the years, all this ranking value will be transferred to your main site.

Make a profit, trafic or cash money !

Another reason why people buy expired domains is outright resale. Following the purchase via auction, you can make this domain name grow by applying the good SEO practices you know. Continue to promote its authority, improve its positioning and add return links. Over time, the domain name will increase in value, allowing you to realize added value.