Period of availability of a domain name

As long as the domain has not been reserved by a legal entity or individual, the expired domain name is available. It will be reserved on a “first come, first served” basis.

Booking period (Active booking) of a domain name

This period begins as soon as the domain is reserved by a legal or natural person. The domain name is reserved with a Registrar for a period ranging from 1 to 10 years.

End of the reservation period of a domain name

If no renewal request has been received before or on the day of its expiration, the domain name is considered to have expired.

Grace period (Registrar-Lock or locked by the Registrar)

This phase can last up to 45 days from the expiration date of the domain name and allows its former holder to renew it after the expiration date.

This phase exists for certain domain names such as .COM, INFO, .NET etc. but not for others ( for example): the existence and duration of such a phase is decided by the registry (Higher Institution that manages the TLD: ICANN for .COM, and not by the registrar (Registrar from whom the domain was purchased).

Redemption Period of a domain name

During this period, the domain name is “frozen” for up to 30 days. Its former owner can request its restoration for a surcharge. The amount of the surcharge is decided by the registry directly, without any possible negotiation.

In the process of deletion (Pending Delete)

This 5-day phase is the final step before the domain name is released into the public domain. At the end of this period, the domain name becomes available again and everyone can reserve it again.

What is a domain restoration?

The day after the expiration your domain name is placed in HOLD or QUARANTINE status. This means that the possible websites and email addresses that are linked to this domain no longer work. This method allows us to warn, as a last resort, the domain managers who would not have read our reminder emails.

In the absence of renewal after the periode of HOLD or QUARANTAINE, the deletion order is sent to the appropriate registry. The duration of deletion then depends on the registry concerned. In all cases it is then too late to renew your domain.