Why can it help you to find the best expired domain names ?

PBNPremium is therefore naturally addressed to all SEOs having their own network of sites for netlinking, but also to publishers of niche sites, web pros or e-merchants, who wish to generate additional income to their activity and realize win-win partnerships in the form of exchange of articles with other webmasters, to improve the referencing of their money sites.

Managing a network of sites based on expired domains allows you to make huge savings in netlinking, give more visibility to your money sites, and earn revenue through the sale of sponsored items. It’s a win-win situation, so why not do it?

How can PBN Premiumยฎ help you to select the right expired domain name ?

The PBN Premium database is about 600,000+ old ans expired domains names. Naturally, it contains a bit of everything and anything, hence the importance of not rushing when finding an area that seems interesting at first glance. And fortunately for us, PBNPremium incorporates all the necessary information to make our search for interesting expired domains much easier.

In just a few minutes, PBN Premium allows you to evaluate the SEO potential of a domain name like no other tool, allowing you to optimize purchases during auctions on barckorder service sush as Dropcatch, Snapnames, namejet…

Powerful dashboard visualisation to find the best domain name !

The table shows us all the domains that have already expired or are about to expire with the following data :

  • Number of referring domains per IP address
  • Number of referring domains
  • Trust Flow and Citation Flow (Majestic)
  • Domain Authority and Page Authority (Moz)
  • Number of backlinks
  • Google indexed status
  • Availability status

If a domain inspires you in a positive way, you can click on it to learn more. You will then have access to a lot of datas, metrics and all historical informations on this domain :

  • TF / CF graph to analyze at a glance the quality of the links
  • Topical history of the expired domain name
  • The most used anchors
  • The areas with the most links
  • An overview of Wayback Machine captures
  • An overview of traffic and its evolution over time (SEMRush)
  • An overview of the best links (classified by TF)
  • The possibility to backorder a domaine name

How this dashboard can help you analyse old domain names SEO metrics ?

The tool has a large number of filters: some that we are used to seeing (RD, TF, CF, DA, etc.) and others much more innovative (and ultra relevant) such as the filter by language, the filter by topical, by TLD or the possibility to search for a keyword in the anchors or in the domain name.

Now it is important to know how to interpret each of these information. You can use advanced filter for the 3 most important SEO metrics that will interest us :

  • Referring domains per IP
  • Citation flow (Majestic)
  • Trust Flow (Majestic)

In short, everything you need to be ultra efficient and to select the right domain names with full knowledge of the facts.

The Trust Flow is an index of trust and the Citation Flow is an index of popularity. These indices are calculated on a scale of 100. The more links a page receives with a high TF/CF, the higher its TF/CF will rise under the circumstances. A typical example of a site with a high TF will be a government site. A high TF will correspond to a site with a large number of links.

If a site has a large number of links but the quality of the links is poor, the site will have a low TF and a high CF. On the other hand, a ministry site may have few links from other government sites, in which case the TF will be very high and the CF will be lower, which is more rare.

Concretely, our goal is to find an expired domain with the highest possible Trust Flow and Citation Flow, without too large a gap between the high and low TF. If this is the case, the links and anchors will have to be analyzed more carefully.

Premium and advanced feature to find the right expired domain name !

PBN Premium has a highly functional dashboard, allowing you to quickly perform searches.

Finding expired domain names is not actually very complicated with PBN Premium dashboard when you know how certain tools work. Our tool among many others, it has the merit of working correctly but it has the big drawback of being time-consuming. Don’t forget that the most important thing is to have a real domain name acquisition strategy, don’t go looking for them without having a clear objective.

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